CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is one of the several pain conditions that can be treated with the use of Ketamine treatments. If you have tried traditional methods of attempting to treat the pain, or if you want to try something different to determine if it is a better fit for you, you might decide to gravitate toward Ketamine therapy to relieve pain symptoms.

What is CRPS?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a disorder that is identified by chronic pain that typically presents itself in one area of the body. This pain can manifest itself as joint or bone pain, or even a severe discomfort in one area of the body, such as knees, shoulders, or elbows. While this type of disorder is usually known to be the result of trauma to the troublesome area at one point, some cases have manifested with little to no explanation at all. CRPS can occur shortly after the trauma presents itself, or even months or years down the line, which can make it difficult to pinpoint in some cases.

CRPS does not currently have an exact cure, but there are certain measures that can be taken to ease the pain and deal with the symptoms, such as through the use of Ketamine therapy. The condition can be long-term or even life-long, depending on the amount of nerve damage that is present in the affected area.

Symptoms of CRPS

CRPS is usually diagnosed based on the history of the area as well as a list of symptoms that are associated with the pain condition. Some of the symptoms that are known to be tied to CRPS include the following:

  • Intense and long-lasting burning and/or throbbing pain in the specific area
  • Issues with responding to cold temperatures
  • Sensitivity to touch in the area
  • Swelling
  • Change of temperature of the skin between cold and hot
  • Sweating in the area
  • Skin color changes
  • Skin texture changes
  • Nail and hair changes
  • Stiffness in the area and surrounding areas, with difficulty moving the joints in that area
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle spasms

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you have previously received trauma to the affected area, a consultation with your doctor may lead to a diagnosis of CRPS.

How Ketamine Therapy Helps with CRPS

Ketamine therapy can be quite helpful in managing the pain and other symptoms associated with CRPS. Since Ketamine therapy has been known to help reduce or eliminate chronic pain and allow you to experience a better quality of life, choosing to use Ketamine therapy for this condition can prove to be a success.

When you treat CRPS with Ketamine therapy, you are changing the way that the brain feels pain Ketamine contains analgesic effects that help reduce or completely eliminate pain, and the gentle sedative-like effects that can come about when using Ketamine can also help diminish the feelings of pain in the body. Ketamine changes the way certain pain-modulating chemical receptors in the brain perceive pain, making it able to help give the patient some relief.

Why Choose Ketamine USA for CRPS?

Ketamine USA has a friendly and knowledgeable staff, including a doctor available at all times during your consultations and treatments. You will receive your treatment in a calm and relaxing environment with reduced risks of side effects and discomfort.