Ketamine USA is a leading provider of Ketamine infusion treatments to help treat a wide variety of medical concerns, including pain conditions and mood disorders. With Ketamine USA, you can be sure that you are in caring and experienced hands for the entirety of your treatment plan, including follow-up care and any additional sessions you may need.

How It Started

Ketamine USA started with a mission – to help those who struggle with chronic pain and mood conditions feel better and live a more productive and happy life. With this mission in mind, Ketamine USA was born with the goal to provide great care to those who need it.

What We Do

At Ketamine USA, the patient is the number one priority. We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for treatments, with the fully knowledgeable and friendly staff assisting you through the entire treatment. With an experienced doctor on staff who is with you through every step, you will receive initial consultations, appointments, treatment, and follow-up care to ensure that the Ketamine therapy worked to treat your condition.

Our Mission Statement

This mission statement for Ketamine USA is to provide relief of refractory pain and mood disorders through the use of ketamine in a highly individualized and comprehensive treatment plan.